Alabama: Earth House

Sweet Home Alabama – apparently. There are 49 state in this feature I have never been to, so as far as I know Lynyrd Skynyrd could have been talking nonsense. Never trust rock stars, that’s the rule.

For the first time in the feature we hit the southern states where I imagine everyone drives around in General Lee type cars and say Yeeeehawwww a lot. This of course could be a crass generalisation brought about by watching too many crappy movies and Yosemite Sam as a child. Wait….that might be Texas.

Alabama is the 22nd state was formed in 1819. Fact finders will know it was the state where open heart surgery was first performed in 1902 and was also the birth place of Nat King Cole.

Before we welcome this weeks band, there is currently a State Of Music album in the pipeline to be released on Choose My Music Records. The proceeds of this album will go towards a brilliant UK based charity called Camden Calling who work with homeless musicians and artists in London.

If you want to keep up to speed with how the album is progressing then please give Choose My Music Records a like on its Facebook page.

Anyway…that said, please welcome my favourite band from Alabama.

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