I feel I should almost apologise as I present to you yet another great musical find via my friends at

It’s a little bit lazy huh? They do all the leg work really, and what if you lot are not that into GroopEase? That is a stupid thing to say. Who wouldn’t be in to them. Underground Music + Cheap Download Deal = Much Awesomeness does it not?

This week they have truly been digging deep, discovering a band who have not only been together for a matter of months but who are also barely known outside of their home town of Milwaukee. I didn’t even know they did synth-pop in the Badger state (Ok, I had to look that up)

There appears to have been a huge resurgence in all things ‘synth’ in recent years, especially from America. I have no idea why this is, indeed I have even asked Nolen Treolo of Canopies why he thinks this is in the interview below. Remember those years when no one would dare put a keyboard anywhere near their band?

I know a lot of this waffle. You didn’t come here to read me prattling on with my own internal monologue. So why not read the following interview with Canopies, have a little listen to the EP and then check out the amazing deal on GroopEase – who are selling their EP for just $3, which is a little under £2 in my money.

CMM: Welcome to Choose My Music, lets start with a who and where question. So who are Canopies and where on earth will we find you?

John: Canopies are Nolan, Craig and I. Both Nolan and I play almost every kind of instrument you can find. We also both write the songs and sing in Canopies. Craig plays drums. You can find us nestled in an old great-lakes port town called Milwaukee, which also happens to be the largest American city built on a Native American burial ground. 

CMM: I am aware that you have not been together long as a group. When did you actually start and how did the band form?

John: Nolan and I met during the summer of 2009 and started writing songs using dusty old synths and laptops. One of us would record an idea, then hand it off to the other. The other person would then chop it up and try to add other stuff, eventually getting it sounding like a song. We met our drummer Craig in the summer of 2010 and we hit the studio that fall to start recording the Canopies EP.

CMM: It would seem that the once very uncool electro sound is making a huge resurgence. A lot of bands are starting to move away from the all out guitar sound for something a little softer. Why do you think that

John: I guess it depends on what your opinion of “uncool electro sound” means, but I don’t think we play the music we do in any sort of half-joking homage to 80s new wave. We use that 80s music vibe as a texture in our music, not a standard. I can’t explain why synth music is really popular right now, but I know the reason we use them is that you can create a lot more interesting sounds with old synths than with just guitars and drums. 

Nolan: Well, I’m not so sure the whole “electro” sound was ever deemed uncool here across the pond and I feel like the electronic genre runs the gamut just as much as guitar based music does.  They both have there share of terrible and great artists as well as loud, soft, heavy and everything in between.  We’ve all done the guitar thing and that’s great but after a while it just starts to feel like your beating a dead horse.  A dead horse that still trollops around in your hearts though.  Actually? We might just prance him out and ride him for the next album.
CMM: What are Canopies influences – musical or otherwise?

John: Cal Ripken Jr., Wayne Gretzky, Mia Hamm, David Bowie, in that exact order.

Nolan: Yes! I totally agree

CMM: Are you doing the whole band thing full time or are you still working jobs to pay the bills?

John: Craig is a trust fund baby so we just free-load off him right now. 

CMM: Having only been together for a short time have you managed to get out and play many live shows? 

John: Right now we exist solely in the digital realm. We’re working on making our live show just as the record is and with as little backing tracks/button pushing as possible. We recorded the EP with only three people so we’ve brought in some musicians around Milwaukee this last month and we’re getting ready to play out this summer as a five piece band.

CMM: What is the live music scene like where you are?

John: The music scene in Milwaukee is mostly made up of classic rock and pop music cover bands playing at bars. That’s not really our thing. There are a few cool bands doing their own thing too.  
CMM: You have just released your EP – any plans for an album?

Nolan: In all honesty, we couldn’t be more excited about making our next album.  We’re writing like the apocalypse is about to steamroll the planet.

CMM: I often ask new up and coming bands about their thoughts on how the internet has changed music. Do you feel the internet has helped or hindered you so far?

Nolan:  I know without a doubt that well before our time there were great creative artists that were probably far ahead of there time that didn’t have the resources to make a recording or get out of the garage, but we’ll never get to hear them.  Now, that is not the case and I think that’s a beautiful thing. Amen

CMM: I am sure you will be picking up plenty of new fans through your association with GroopEase.Com – where can prospective Canopies lovers find and communicate with you?

Our main website is People can also find us on Facebook, SoundCloud and YouTube

CMM: And finally, what is in the pipeline for Canopies over the next 6 months?

We’re getting very near being ready to play live shows so I see us playing out a lot, doing short tours around the U.S. and hopefully working on or being done with an LP. Though were keeping our options open…..Hello world!?

Thank you so much for Nolan and John for doing this interview. Please check them out on over the next couple of days and check out all their associated social media portals.

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