Audiophiles: Playground Noise

PLpic by k.pavlopoulos

Having won the Choose My Music Indie Euro 2012 competition I felt it was only right and proper that Playground Noise got the full Choose My Music treatment with a full interview. So ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the band YOU voted as the Indie Euro Champions of 2012 – Playground Noise. Swinging Lowdown by …

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Audiophiles: Akua Naru


In this game the best musical discoveries are often the ones you find when you are not really looking. And this case is true when it comes to German based / American born Akua Naru. Her music came to me while I was randomly flicking through Bandcamp just to fill 10 minutes before I had …

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Audiophiles: I Can Chase Dragons


Due to various aspects of this, my pretend life and my actual real life my thoughts haven’t strayed much past social networking and how it has revolutionized the way the modern world works. Indeed, The State Of Music project and Choose My Music Records would never had worked had it not been for Twitter and …

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Audiophiles: PS.I Love You

PS I Love You DD 5 Credit Vanessa Heins small

If you follow the same websites, twitter feeds, Facebook pages and record labels as me you couldn’t have failed to notice how PS.I Love You have been getting some much deserved attention for their 2nd full length album “Death Dreams”, released recently on Paper Bag Records. Admittedly with my State Of Music project taking up …

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Audiophiles – Gerard & The Watchmen


I figured after my nine month American adventure with The State Of Music, it was time to find something a little closer to home to enjoy. Show a bit of patriotic duty in this jubilee year or something. Being a (not hugely) popular music website championing the plights of unsigned new music and indie label …

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Audiophiles: Camden Calling – Locked In Transit 2012

final invite_edited-1

After a quirk of fate I happened to find myself in London last Friday with a couple of hours spare before my train home and by chance it just so happened that those two hours also coincided with a Camden Calling event taking place a mere 10 minutes away from Euston Station. For those of …

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Audiophiles: Mad Gregs

band in water

“I wish more bands would make use of the bass clarinet” was my first thought when listening to Mad Gregs latest album “Relatives”, which was released a few weeks back on Fake Four. The Californian four piece are certainly not your usual Fake Four artist, especially when you look at this Conneticut labels output over …

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Audiophiles: Freak Owls


Freak Owls were introduced to me by Eric Sanderson of We Are Augustines. I had always heard rumours that he was a fantastic producer, but with the exception of his work with his own band I was unaware of anything else Eric had ever worked on. This is why as soon as I saw him …

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Audiophiles – Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

dale album

When I decided to go legit with Choose My Music and take it off the usual blogging sites to its own beautiful self hosted oasis I did a little market research, checking out small indie blogs from all over the world. One thing I noticed was that a lot of them were featuring a group …

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A Very Fake Four Year


As is usual for any music website this time of year I found myself assessing my musical year for 2011, thinking about my favourite albums, singles, videos and music discoveries. What I found was that the majority of my favourite songs of the year came from the New Haven based record label Fake Four. The …

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