BBC 6 Music – Song Of Praise


Hello kind BBC 6 Music Listener, Thank you so much for stopping by after my shameless self promotion on the wonderful Shaun Keaveny Breakfast Show. As mentioned on the show, Choose My Music Records really started by accident not only through my desire to promote some great new bands from all over the United States …

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Choose My Music Is 1


24,000 hits. 125 posts. 82 new bands. 1 record label. Two sold out albums. A SXSW Showcase It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes ago when I was setting up Here we are though, one year on and getting stronger by the day. What started out as a project to relieve the pressure and boredom …

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State Of Music: Part 41: Alaska – YOMAHA

promo pic

Yomaha was actually an artist I found some time ago, way back in the early days of State Of Music, before the albums were even considered as a viable option. Alaska was my bench mark when trying to decide if I could do this project or not. “If I can find Alaska, I can find …

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Recharged Radio

Welcome Recharged Radio listener. Yes, this post is just for you. That is the kind of personal experience you can expect from now on. I’ll even shine your shoes for you Gov. Thank you so much for popping by – And I really hope you continue to do so. For now though, here are a …

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H:B:27: Wilco – A Ghost Is Born

Forgive me Father, it has been 4 weeks since my last Choose My Music. I’ll listen to five Proud Mary tracks and beg the music gods for forgiveness, for I am still working my way through the backlog from the Choose My Music request I made on 19th June. H:B:27 was chosen by someone known …

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Choose My Music C:B:7: Finale

A couple of weeks ago I sent a request out on my Twitter account for a multiple selection of Choose My Music. This was in anticipation of me going away for work and having to spend a week in a hotel. The idea was that spending 5 nights in a hotel would give me ample …

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Choose My Music: I:B:34 – Randy’s – 17 North Parade

Seeing as I was starting my new job this week, which included a full week away from home for my company induction – I figured I would do a multiple Choose My Music to not only cover my drive, but also to give me something to listen to whiling away the hours in my hotel. …

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C:B:23 – Eminem: The Marshall Mathers LP

It was very quiet on Twitter this morning when I posted my Choose My Music request. Either that or the initial excitement amongst my followers has died off and I was being ignored like an email from Myspace. Today’s Choose My Music was picked by Dom Walsh (@bwfcdom83) who is a co-contributor to Ultimate Album …

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D:B:23 – For My Disappointing Hip Hop Heroes

It’s funny how things work out – the title of this post ‘For My Disappointing Hip Hop Heroes’ also relates to next Monday’s audiophiles post. I shan’t go in to it now – but just keep an eye out on Monday. Today’s Choose My Music was picked by Dan – who is also known to …

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C:B:27 – What Happened To The Four Elements?

Choose My Music today was selected by @ChooseMyMusic followers @DrWinston001 who is also know to me as Tom. We have met a couple of times through our mutual love of Tottenham Hotspur. He is a nice guy and worth a Twitter follow. Tom chose the random selection of C:B:27 which lead me to: Funkmaster Flex …

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