The State Of Music Vol.3 – CD Out Now!


After what seems like an eternity, I am very proud to announce the release of The State Of Music Vol.3 on Limited Edition CD (Only 50 hand numbered copies) and digital download. The album has been getting some fantastic reviews and contains great music from Cars & Trains, Hotfox, Run Dan Run, Quiet Company, L’anarchiste …

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The State Of Music: Part 50: Minnesota – Dessa


I cannot help but write this article with a heavy heart. 247 days since The State Of Music Part 1 landed in Arkansas, I have finally completed my objective, one unsigned or indie label band from all 50 US states. I am fully convinced that I have completed something which has never been done before …

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The State Of Music: Part 49: Wyoming – The Rubbish Zoo

Rubbish Zoo

Wyoming is the 10th largest state in the USA, yet is the 49th least populated. With a quarter of a million square kilometers to share between just half a million people, the chances of finding a State of Music band were remote. At some point it dawned of me that I might have to try …

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The State Of Music: Part 48: New Mexico – Faith In Foxholes

Faith In Foxholes

As with a lot of the states towards the back end of this project, I was constantly told “You won’t find anything there” New Mexico was perhaps the most difficult, I guess that is the problem when a significant proportion of the state is desert . I even asked a band I am acquainted with, …

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The State Of Music: Part 47: Hawaii – Welwing


The end is nigh. This State of Music train is rapidly approaching its final destination and will come to its final stop this Sunday (29th April 2012) when I finally post the 50th interview. Between now and then there will be one article posted per day. Its a rather funny feeling. Hawaii was always going …

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The State Of Music: Part 46 : Arizona – Snake! Snake! Snakes!

Snake Snake Snakes

Snake! Snake! Snakes! were not an easy band to track down, mainly because up until recently they did not have a page on Bandcamp, which is always my first port of call. They also, for a band that has been in existence for 7 years, have not recorded a huge amount of music. This should …

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The State Of Music: Part 45 : Georgia – Kinisi


I guess now I am officially on countdown with this project, the fear is already setting in with what on earth I am going to do next. My brain makes it a mandatory requirement that I have some mammoth challenging project going on. At the minute I am struggling to see how The State Of …

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The State Of Music: Part 44 : Idaho – Old Earz

Old Earz

Something which doesn’t happen too often on The State Of Music is finding a band or artist who is at the very early stages of their current performing cycle. Although they have been more prevalent lately with Justin Lewis (Kentucky) and YOMAHA (Alaska), there is still something quite endearing about finding someone demonstrating promising early …

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The State Of Music: Part 43 : California – Family Wagon

FW press image staircase 1

As always when I have a State Of Music album out, the actual website part of the project suffers a little and my usual twice a week posts go out the window slightly. The State Of Music Vol.2, like Vol.1, did fantastically well with the CD version fully selling out last night. Fear not though, …

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The State Of Music: Part 42 : North Dakota – Shane Maland

Shane Maland

Just last night my partner Anna and I were both discussing how much we loved the film Fargo, which has perhaps promoted me to post this interview with Shane Maland, who lives in the town made famous by the Cohen brothers. A singer song-writer with a great voice, reminiscent of Ben Harper or even a …

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