Is it possible to win at roulette in a big way?

No fan of gambling entertainment is able to resist roulette. Everyone wants to break the score in this amazing game. Roulette fans know that it remains popular for several centuries. Of course, for such a long period of time there were very big winnings. If you also want to try your luck at roulette, you should first find a good casino. You can do that here

Stories of some lucky winners

Joseph Jaggers had been working on a construction site for many years until one day he and his friends decided to try their luck at roulette. At first, the company spent the whole day just watching the other players. Later, a comprehensive analysis of various gaming factors was made. Accounted for the speed at which the ball and wheel rotate, the frequency of falling out of a particular sector, and more. The friends became $325,000 richer in an evening.

Charles Wells also shocked fans of gambling his luck. The exact amount of his winnings is not called, but we know that he took the entire cash flow of a popular casino located in Monte Carlo. Charles was able to win using a strategy he had developed himself. Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo also won using his own strategy. It took him quite a long time to achieve his triumph. It took him a long time to collect and study statistics and make the necessary analysis to win. In four days, the invention of the patient Italian made him richer by one million euros.

What does it take to win big?

Follow a few simple rules:

  • You have to want to play and want to win;
  • Always be very attentive to the gameplay;
  • Analyze what is happening at the table;
  • Be patient.

Careful analysis of statistics can bring a solid win. If you have enough money for a small amount, it can be obtained through regular training. Get the necessary skills will help the free version of roulette, which can be found in most virtual casinos. Many players quite quickly move on to the real bets, when they gain the necessary experience.

Roulette tactics from Arthur Rothschild

Many roulette fans invent their own strategies or special rituals, in which they wholeheartedly believe. To omens do not remain indifferent not only ordinary people, but also the rich. At the house of the Rothschild family often could be found whole lines of influential people who came to borrow money from the owner. The Rothschilds had considerable political influence around the world, buying and selling bonds. After the hard work of the banks, Rothschild would go to the casinos to relax. Of course, the billionaire made very large bets.

Arthur was the gambler of the Rothschild family. He invented a special ritual. Bets were placed alternately on 0 and 17. Other sectors were not taken into account. The alternation occurred after winning. This game lasted exactly one hour. Rothschild left as soon as the allotted time expired, without regard to the result. Similar methods would be useful for regular players as an option to combat addiction. The casino customer can define clear boundaries for himself, which he will not cross under any pretext, similar to Arthur Rothschild.

If you want to try your own strategy, you should look for the best and most convenient online casino. If you have not yet found a casino, we recommend you first explore the site There are detailed reviews of different casinos, so that the attentive player can easily find the best solution. Since there are so many casinos lately, you should choose carefully among them. In the long run you will be able to choose the best option.

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