Massachusetts – Hands And Knees

All hail to Massachusetts, the land of the free and the brave.

That’s how their state song goes. Sadly I have never heard a vocal version. I would like to imagine the All HAIL! All HAIL! All HAIL! bit at the end is a bit Roman empire in its delivery. Or at least Brian Blessed in Flash Gordon.

So what have I learnt about Massachusetts? Well thanks to a map I know it is on the East coast, and thanks a guy called Dan, who reminded me he was born there, I have the following little nuggets for your brain hole.

Massachusetts has the two largest cities in the New England region (Boston & Worcester) and Boston itself had the first public car park in America.

I was also reliably informed by a chap on my Twitter that it is also where the Bee Gees were born

How’s that for useless trivia?

You’ll thank me in twenty years when you win that £50 bar voucher in a pub quiz.

Anyway, this week I have the great pleasure of introducing you to what I can only describe as a great band who I would very much love to see play live.

It felt odd listening to a Christmas single when I first discovered Hands And Knees in August of this year. But any song that opens with the line “James Brown died on Christmas Day. Little baby Jesus came to take him away” is enough to gain anyone’s attention. Indeed, it is only September and I have bought myself a copy.

As a band Hands and Knees are hard to place. At first look at the picture which adorns their bandcamp page (above) you would be very much mistaken to thing they are some kind of ramshackle folk band, but they are quite the opposite, what ever that is.

Why don’t you decide for yourself. Have a listen to their Wholesome album & the previously mentioned Christmas single. And while you do that – have a little read of their interview below.

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