Online dating

At a time when communication between a man and a woman is in many ways moving into the field of information technology, the Internet often involves not only matchmaking, but also the emergence of a sense of love. And it is clear that such virtual love has a quite clear advantage – it saves time, but there are also disadvantages. Why do people go to get acquainted on the Internet, in fact, blindly?

First of all, such acquaintance is convenient. The Internet is another sphere of reality. They used to ask: “Is it convenient to meet on the street, is it convenient to meet in the park?”. Such questions were always asked when there were new spaces that a person could explore. The Internet is now another opportunity to get acquainted, another opportunity to communicate, another opportunity to do something, to show oneself and to look at others.

The problem is that the development of this space is catastrophically fast. Both society in general and individuals do not have time to adapt to these new opportunities. Hence the difficulties with their development, it is not very clear how to act in this space, what can, what can not, the rules have not been established yet. Now the process of normalization is underway, i.e. the establishment of rules for communication on the Internet. This is what different people try to do spontaneously in communities, who set rules for communication on forums: what can be done, what is forbidden.

And suddenly it turns out that anonymity provides a bunch of different rights, opportunities and it is not clear how to deal with it. On the other hand, suddenly it turns out that this anonymity is imaginary, because it’s very easy to calculate who it is if you want to. Some people around twenty years ago, with the advent of the Internet, were terrified because from their point of view, it was a loss of all privacy. They felt as if the walls of the houses had become transparent. And not only can you see them, but they can see everyone else, something that is not desirable at all.

And in part they were right. The security authorities are now also concerned about secrecy or vice versa, and if you watch different information messages or feature films, you can see how it all happens. It is a very ambiguous platform with unsettled boundaries, unsettled rules, including rules for acquaintances. It is not clear what is possible, it is not clear what is impossible, in one community it is possible so, in another community it is possible otherwise.

Is it possible to call the lack of communication in reality the main reason for such a step, or do people who get acquainted on the Internet have some specific features? Acquaintance on the Internet is not really connected with the lack of acquaintances in reality. There are people who get acquainted on the Internet, so that then these relationships developed, continued, and something came out of it. They are initially focused on dating in real life, so that the person appeared within reach, so that you can look at it, touch it and so on. But nevertheless, this way of acquaintance and communication has its own peculiarities, different from acquaintance and communication in the real life, which should be familiar to all women seeking men through the Internet.

This is a mismatch between the image built and proposed for dating those who get acquainted. Because even if you put your real photo on the Internet, you will choose a photo where you are in the right perspective, in the right clothes, with the right expression, which are very rare. There is nothing particularly terrible here, because even in reality people get to know each other and come on a date in the best clothes, diligently serve themselves.

However, it is very important to begin to talk to the person and try to better understand him so that you can eventually decide about the future communication.

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