Types of bets in football

This article describes in detail how to bet on football in the bookmaker. Here we will discuss some types of bets so you can choose the one, that will be the best for you. We will tell the best tips from the professionals themselves!

Football betting and their types

Each better himself decides how to bet, because the line of betting on football at different bookmakers is usually very diverse. There are many options in bets: you can bet in advance, on the day of the competition or in real time. Bookmakers provide the opportunity to conclude sports bets, both on outcomes and on certain game values, such as a goal, a kind of card, etc.

  1. Betting on outcome. Betting on outcomes must be made throughout the entire competition until its end. Here bookmakers offer only 3 options. It is allowed to bet on winning, on a draw and a defeat of one team. Bookmakers use the special notation for the greatest convenience. The unit “1” means the victory of the guest team, the symbol “X” is used to designate a draw, and 2 is used to win the home team. Bets are accepted on the outcome of matches in general and on the results of a separate half.
  2. Bet against outcomes. When a better is convinced that the guest team will not win, but is not sure whether the match will end in a draw or loss, he can make a number of bets against victory. The same rule applies to the team playing at home. Writing this is accepted as double characters. “1X” – the guest team will not win, “12” – the event will not end in a draw, “X2” – the team playing on their field will not win.
  3. Pass betting. Passing bets is very easy. Offices give only 2 options. Either the team passed, or not. If a player is not interested in what result the main time will end with, but he is sure that a certain team will go further, then betting on a pass is a win-win strategy of football confrontations.
  4. Total in Football. Bets on total in football are called bets that need to be done on the total number of points. In the event of a confrontation between two strike teams, logically, there will be many goals, but if both teams adhere to defensive tactics – there will be few of them. In this situation, professionals are advised to boldly put on a total of more than 0.5 (TM) and higher if the player is sure that any team will definitely score. In the opposite case, it is recommended to bet on the total less (TL). In such bets, it does not matter who exactly scored a goal, the main thing is that at least someone does it. Experienced players who constantly use analytics often give their preference to this method.
  5. Handicap Betting. Betting on odds creates a conditional superiority of one team over another. When a player is sure that the away team will win the home team with two points apart, it makes sense to bet on a head start of -1.5. It reduces the advantage of the guest team. Bookmakers give a coefficient for such an outcome is always higher, so betters have every chance of increasing their income. The same method works in the opposite direction – on the odds of a team of outsiders. It is advised to determine the outcome, based on how the coefficient has developed.

With firm confidence, we can say that football betting is the most popular among betting enthusiasts. And this is not surprising, because there are no such bookmaker in which such services are not provided. Such bets include completely different odds, which depend on the tactics chosen by the player. Thus, professional betters often even sell their own predictions for football confrontations. Just because this sport has millions of fans around the world. If you want to bet safely, you can visit the website of the betting company https://pin-up.bet. This is a young bookmaker that offers its users the best conditions.