Ultimate Album

Have you ever caught yourself saying any of the following statements?

“Wow…what a great opening track”  “Why did they start the album with their hit single?”

“What this album needs is a five minute improvised free jazz solo in the middle”

“What a great last track, I am going back to track one”

As any C90 mix tape expert will tell you – running order is everything. Bands and record labels spent a lot of time considering which tracks should go where on an album (I always find as a handy hint…if the bands single is the first song, the resulting album is usually dross)

And this is what Ultimate Album is all about.

Over a period of 12 weeks, myself, Simon Jones, Dom Walsh and Anna Stingas will be choosing our favourite tracks from some of our favourite albums…but there is a catch.

In week one we will only pick from our favourite opening tracks, week two will consist of only track twos and so on, right through to week 12 which will be any track 12 or album closer.

This is where you….yes…YOU come in. So pay attention.

At the end of every week we will ask for people to vote for their favourite song from our selection, therefore building an Ultimate Album.

How often do you get a music based project that is both fun and very nerdy at the same time?

Time permitting, we are planning to start sometime around 15th May. So keep em peeled.V